Message from the Secretary General

What if someone asked you what Diplomacy is?

It’s not that simple but let me tell you what I think. Diplomacy for me is about avoiding violence, bloodshed, and enmity.

As Thomas Hobbes revealed, in his world-renowned book Leviathan, men are truly nasty, brutish and short by nature and they have failed on numerous occasions to solve problems without resorting to violence. However, the concept of discussion is the key to changing this natural behavior of man. Men can be taught not to be nasty, brutish and short. That is why, we, at Sri Lanka Model United Nations, promote a culture of discourse, negotiation, and compromise.

In a World of Conflict; We consider it our priority to create a future generation that is civilized, intelligent, and patient enough to overcome the conflicts that are yet to come without violence, bloodshed, and enmity.

Amidst the unforgettable negativity this year holds, if you make it to this years conference, we hope to give you something positive to remember 2020 by.

Join us this year at SLMUN 2020 for an amazing MUN experience. It’ll be a pleasure to have you!

Seth Ganepola

Secretary General of the 13th session of SLMUN